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Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “Why is my favorite supplement company called Twinlab?” First of all, we’re flattered. Second, it’s kind of a funny story. Our founder was fortunate enough to have a set of twins. Any family would be lucky to just have one.

Then he had another. Seriously. As both a man in the pharmaceutical field and a proud father of twin twins, he was able to see firsthand that no two people, even twins, have the same nutritional needs. This inspired us to not only create high-quality supplements, but help everyone find an individualized wellness plan that will make them function at their highest level and feel incredible. And that’s how Twinlab was born..

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Our store was created to provide the best products for the best prices. We were sick of not being able to find high quality products that were also affordable. So we decided to do something about it. We made it our mission to be the solution, and that’s how our business was born.

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We talked about the twin part of our name, now let’s talk about the second half. The story here isn’t as funny – but to us it’s just as important. The “lab” in Twinlab means that everything we make is the result of rigorous testing, thoughtful innovation, and extensive research. For over 50 years our ingredients have been formulated with high-quality ingredients from natural sources, and we look forward to the next 50 of giving you only the finest supplements.

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