Supplementing Your Supplements: Calcium Edition

Awful theatre metaphor aside, it’s important to remember that calcium cannot meet its full potential without vitamin D, magnesium, or boron. Here’s why:

Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption

It’s great that you’re getting a lot of calcium, but your body also needs vitamin D to help absorb that calcium. Known as “The Sunshine Vitamin” because sunlight is a main source of it, vitamin D can also be found in salmon and other oily fish, egg yolks, mushrooms, and of course, supplements.


No matter how you get your vitamin D, you should also be getting sufficient amounts of magnesium as well, because…

Magnesium helps activate vitamin D

Yep, in order for vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium, magnesium first must activate vitamin D via magnesium-dependent enzymes. While that’s a big role for magnesium in and of itself, this mineral is also essential for potassium assimilation, normal muscle function, and hundreds of other biochemical reactions in the body. How you get your magnesium is up to you (dark chocolate, nuts, bananas, Magnesium Caps, avocados, leafy greens… I digress), just make sure you’re getting the FDA’s recommended daily value of 420 mg.


Boron also aids in calcium absorption (by way of vitamin D)

Like magnesium, boron works with vitamin D to help enhance your body’s ability to absorb calcium. According to Healthline, boron plays a role in extending vitamin D’s half-life, in turn increasing the latter’s length of time working within your body.

Also like magnesium, boron can be naturally obtained through your diet. Leafy greens, apples, nuts, coffee, and grains are all great sources. Shameless plug, but it’s worth mentioning that our very own Tri-Boron Plus contains not only boron, but a synergistic blend of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and other essential minerals.(It’s no wonder this stuff flies off the shelves.)


Should you decide to purchase any of the supplements mentioned here, use code READANDSAVE at checkout to save 10%. As always, happy supplementing!

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